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What It's Like Living with a Millennial (part 1)

I find myself constantly being exposed to things that get stuck in my head like this:

Sometimes a Loss is Just a Time to Move On

It's a bit overwhelming watching the devastation still unfolding in Houston-- another US city underwater after 12 years of deep inaction and under the "leadership" of another Republican administration that is completely inadequate to the task of securing the safety of people in danger this moment, let alone the aftermath.  I'm distracting myself by picking at something that has been increasingly bothering me. There continue to be a number of think pieces and Twitter threads defending Hillary Clinton's campaign because of Russian interference, Comey, and a number of other reasons I wouldn't refute as well as several I would. In the interest of centering winning future elections I think it would be helpful for many of the people still defending her candidacy to accept that it was a bad campaign not because of the outcome but for reasons that should be clear in hindsight and were pointed to as being dangerously predictive during the primary.  I don't want to

The Left is Done With the Whole 'Alt-Left' Thing, Right?

I used Twitter for the first time in 2013 to win a CD from The Liquid Crystal Project.  It didn't become a regular part of my social media consumption until the inauguration. It's been informative; hilarious; useful for helping me to refine my perspectives on different topics; unexpectedly hopeful at times; seeming conspiracy theories that turn out to be true; and straight up conspiracy theories and bullshit. Through the back and forths in comment threads it offers a snapshot of different 'movements'.  It's also really easy to see how trivial differences are magnified while obscuring important ones. One of the strangest things I've seen is people not just arguing about the existence of the "alt-left" but arguing with specific people that they are in fact representatives of the "alt-left". Now that Fragile Ego has used it it's over right?  Now that the left has invented this term for him the left must be done with it. when i hear alt

If You Think an Inability to Pay is not a Good Reason to Die From Lack of Healthcare You Might Think It's a Right.

One of the topics I've been planning to write about is my assertion that the people in the US overwhelmingly believe in healthcare as a right. Turns out that reality beat me to it . The support for the idea among those surveyed in 2013 was 42% now it's 60%. Support for guaranteed health care for all has risen by 18% in 4 years. 👀 (Democrats should be all-in on this) — Our Revolution (@OurRevolution) August 17, 2017 If that number of people actively profess support for the idea of universal healthcare I would argue that the number against is probably in reality equal to the size of continued support for Fragile Ego. While I'm not suggesting a direct correlation I think the number of people apathetic about the deaths of fellow citizens is about the same as the number of people so lacking in empathy and conscience that their support for him continues regardless. I have noticed that people seem to have a reflex agai

"Why Don't You Write Anymore?"

I began this blog post-Katrina as a means of channeling my mounting frustration with the Bush administration.  I have forgotten, or probably more accurately repressed, the visceral memory of seeing people trapped and endangered in real time and nothing happening; the sense of helplessness and shame.  That drove me to continue writing for several years.  I'd thought that my writing had ended when I moved to Barcelona.  Revisiting the blog for the first time in years it clearly tapered off, but more fittingly it ended with the end of the Bush administration.  It makes sense that I would find myself writing again with the next Republican administration (such a sad progressive decline in Republican administrations after Eisenhower that Bush I is the only one you can say wasn't objectively worse than his predecessor, but with an asterisk) but that's not the impetus for returning to this blog.  I have never considered myself a writer.  Writing has been a tool for expression, a m