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In Rejection of Terrorism: The Political Violence Behind "Trans Activism"

In our hunt for terrorists, the first and foremost characteristic we look for is their subscription to an ideology or doctrine which has no room for compromise. That may sound simple and plain, but it is not. Its significance becomes all the more compelling when we realize that most people do not subscribe to an all consuming-uncompromising ideology.  Joe Navarro Hunting Terrorists: A Look at the Psychopathology of Terror  The primary goal of the Civil Rights Movement was to end legal racial discrimination and ensure equal legal protections for black Americans. Similarly, the gay rights movement focused on extending legal protections to men and women threatened with discrimination on the basis of their same sex attraction. Both minority groups succeeded largely by appealing to the principles and sense of justice of the majority. They simply wanted what most other citizens already had, nothing more, but especially, nothing less.  What is the goal of trans rights activists? What right do