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The End of Transition: Protecting Our Children From an Induced Mental Health Crisis

 Consider these mostly factual statements that were uncontroversial just a few years ago: Puberty is an important, if difficult, developmental stage for human development. There are two sexes. Men cannot change their sex. Only women can get pregnant. Men have a penis. Women have a vagina. Males don't belong in spaces and programs set aside for women. That these statements are now contested might lead one to believe that there has been something observed in a subset of humans which means these statements don't apply to them. This explains why they are so poorly contested, precisely because nothing has changed. Like all multi-cell species, humans still come in two sexes. The assertions of gender ideology are so absurd-- some women have a penis-- that it seems impossible for rational people to adopt them. Yet, they do. In part, it is imposed top down by brute force with threat to employment and parental rights . It also employs a powerful tool which does the cognitive work that al

An Open Letter and a Challenge to My Facebook Community

But we have to be honest-- and it seems to me, when you turn science into ideology and politics into science, then you're not talking from an honest place...and I think that's muddying the waters regarding what side you're on, and rarely leads to anything good. Mads Mikkelsen Dear Friends The ways in which we interact on social media erodes our trust in others. Relationships are decimated through that erosion. I write this open letter to express hope in the possibility that together we can offer a better model for discussing contentious topics and to issue a challenge towards that end.  I don't know if you've noticed but I have not been doing my usual posting on the topics of the day I consider important. I was suspended for a month from Facebook for saying something true (and no, I didn't "misgender" anyone). I've thought about that a lot and its implications for the ways in which people disagree with each other. From my experience it's a lot

The Public/Private Partnership and The Institutionalization of Child Abuse

"I have an idea. I really want it to work. Let's use children to experiment on them and go from there to see what happens." --Dr. Quentin VanMeter Dr. Quentin VanMeter is a pediatric endocrinologist. The quote above came from a 2018 talk he gave in Sydney, Australia on the history of "trans" medicine. Although he was talking about the experimental nature of "trans" medicine, the statement could apply to anything from education reform to the public health response to COVID. It was initially somewhat surprising how little the COVID advice for children matched the evidence. It eventually became a reminder that this is how it always is for our children. It's seldom about the evidence rather than the goals of the usually public/private initiative we use our children to support.  I have written previously about the way that adolescent "trans medicine" contradicts the evidence and have noticed parallels to the COVID response for some time. Mo

Is Asking Questions "Anti-Vax" Because the Answers Invalidate Mandates?

In December I conducted a poll on Twitter: Most people selected gender affirmation. The best answer would be both.  Much of the writing that I do is focused on the moral idealism or "wokeness" used to cultivate division over perceived identity issues. My focus on gender identity propaganda has much to do with the way that it is being used to redefine humans and reorder society. It has proven a powerful tool in convincing people to accept meaningless absurdities as reality, whether as belief or repeated to avoid social or financial sanction. Put simply, the propaganda was never about a group of marginalized vulnerable people, but using a group invented for the purpose of growing acceptance in the population for more immediate state control. If the state can convince people to accept obvious lies without resistance, what can't it do? In retrospect it is obvious that the global public health "response" to COVID serves much the same purpose. It very much parallels g