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Even Shitty People Can Support Good Things

If in observing this reality, noting that $31,600, before taxes, for 52 weeks of labor represents a raise for a significant number of Black and Latino workers you're inclined to insist we also need to confront racism, you are not the left. While personal bias can sometimes have deadly results, the numbers pale beside the exponentially larger number of deaths that are the result of the deprivations of capitalism. And I have yet to hear any effective method I might use for addressing bias within others that warrants adding it as a goal to the already monumental task of getting even subsistence level needs consistently met. Whether you consider yourself left or not it should be clear that the only potential candidate interested in transforming our political system towards one that considers the needs of the most vulnerable is Bernie Sanders. I want to say something that will be treated as controversial or apologist in certain circles but shouldn't be by anyone with any sense of

Can We Be Honest About What This Moment Demands?

The constant focus on Trump by the media, as well as the daily barrage of information ranging from the trivial to the potentially Earth changing on top of the frogs slowly coming to a boil nature of our lives seem to make it difficult for important information to make a lasting impression on our collective psyche. The media plays Trump like he's some exceptional thing that happened with no other context than racism instead of the culmination he is of a multitude of failures by our representative government to center the basic needs of its constituents and the citizens of the world more generally. I shield myself from this constant barrage, like everyone, but periodically try to take stock of the major problems facing us. My most recent incomplete accounting: we have 12 years to curtail catastrophic climate change up to 45, 000 people die due to lack of healthcare or medicine ,  10% are uninsured ,~28 million ~41 million people are underinsured , more than a quarter of insured

The Narrow Path: What Exactly Are Your Identity Politics For?

I wasn't paying much attention to the details of what was said during the debates when Clinton said this. I realize that this is somewhat sacrilegious for a supposed informed voter but nothing short of a detailed apology over past stances with an explanation of how that informed her new, very different policies would have garnered real consideration of her from me. This statement just proves to me that she offered nothing like the self-awareness that sort of apology would demonstrate. Another Bernie supporter jokingly paraphrased the statement in one of the Twitter hellthreads arguing the responsibility over the loss to Trump and whether or not Bernie's platform was racist. I just lost my train of thought for a moment, shocked by the memory that this was a real and ongoing "argument" that people were making: Sander's platform of ensuring that everyone has healthcare, free public college, and a higher minimum wage, which would have a disproportionately positive