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Protect TRANSexual Children!: Inventing the "Trans Child"

Take a moment and consider the phrase "trans child". What does that mean exactly. What defines a trans child separately from a child? The current clinical practice for trans children promoted by the Endocrine Society and other major medical associations centers gender affirming therapy. This is a protocol focused " on affirming a patient's gender identity and does not try to "repair" it ." The protocol may begin with puberty blockers at 14, cross sex hormones at 16, and sexual reassignment surgery starting at 18. In essence, if a child feels like she was "born in the wrong body", the protocol is to halt puberty, to avoid secondary sexual characteristics, induce an artificial puberty with hormones, and then transform the body through cosmetic surgery. All this to affirm the gender identity claimed by the child.  The title comes from a question posed by journalist Jo Bartosch on Twitter . "Imagine if the word 'transexual' was still

Medical Transition Bans for Adolescents: Anti-trans or Pro-child

But we are very, very reserved about this treatment. Hormonally speaking it's safe. But psychologically speaking, did we do the right thing? Do people of 13 never have second thoughts of what they are doing? Professor Louis Gooren                     Endocrinologist                    There are currently two extreme approaches to dealing with gender identity confusion and gender transition for adolescents and teens. One approach sees gender affirmation therapy as a right for transgender and non-gender-conforming youth. At its extreme, this is the approach taken by British Columbia as established by the BC Infants Act. It is also the approach taken for children in foster care in California with adoption of Assembly Bill 2119. The opposite approach is to ban medical gender transition outright. This is the approach taken by the Arkansas legislature after overriding the governor's veto of Arkansas House Bill 1570. South Dakota passed a bill banning teaching about gender identity an