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Hidden in Plain Sight: Ignoring the Strength of Parents as a Political Constituency

There are two growing coalitions with a possibility of significant future political impact, both here in the US and internationally. One group is made up of health professionals, vaccine injured, and mandate opponents organized around seeking justice for the failed COVID public health response. The other group is comprised of parents, teachers, therapists, and others concerned with child protections organized around shielding children from the growing presentation of sex and gender in schools and society in general. I do not pretend at some special predictive power, but these two groups have important unique commonalities that speak to the possibility of longevity and growth. As mentioned, both are international coalitions, largely pointing to a battle against an opponent with globalist ambitions. The other commonality is that each is comprised of individuals across the political spectrum in each country in which they are taking hold. Although both growing movements are most visible on