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of Frauds and Assholes

Let me start by saying: I know I can be petty. I'm not proud of that, but sometimes it results in good cheap fun. Mostly because I'm sick of their bullshit, but also out of pure curiosity with what they might produce, I have been challenging the people flogging non-voters, third party voters, Bernie Sanders, Russia, the Pope, etc as the reasons for Hillary's loss a year ago. I feel like six months of denial is okish, a year on it starts to be ridiculous. This has been my challenge: Most try to point out my lack of understanding for nuanced campaigning. In response I ask for an example of another successful campaign relying on a website and an opaque message. Many of them block me or move on to pastures involving less cognitive dissonance. Two have actually attempted to define her agenda and provide video. The first got salty and blocked me after I asked if he was sure the agenda he shared was in each of the five videos. The second is the reason for this distracting pos

Curing Cancer Through Prayer

Despite any appearance to the contrary, like writing about it, again, I so want to move away from 2016 and on to a much stronger position for 2018 and 2020. The revelations from Donna Brazile this past week, but more strikingly the pushback, has helped me figure out why I can't fully move on into the future: because we haven't learned the right lessons from 2016. In truth the Democratic leadership seems unwilling to do anything other than what it has been doing to lose for the last decade. I have not really gone through therapy but I've had enough experience with being broken to know that there's no getting better without naming and owning the problem. I'm not sure if they're capable of admitting there's a problem. The Democratic Party is watching the foundation of its house sink and deciding to paint the walls for redress. While writing about this on Facebook it finally occurred to me what it will take to put this argument away once and for all: If y

Hillary Victory Fund Expenditures to State Parties

FEC Reporting of HVF expenditures to state parties except Puerto Rico