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It's Like Eating and Talking but Music is the Food

I've been missing my self imposed deadlines for my blogs because of health reasons but also because I'm still figuring them out and trying different things. I've been talking to friends about doing a collaborative version of my music blog that was also a conversation about music and  life, more about the desire than what it was to be. My youngest nephew came to visit recently so I decided to draft him into my attempt at making my idea concrete. After my first attempt I now know a bit better what I'm trying to create: an interview of people I like where they essentially DJ for me. Recognizing that, I need to polish my interview skills and think a bit more about the conversation I'd like to foster. The first episode is a bit rough but I enjoyed my nephew's musical choices. I'm not sure if it as a name, or how regular it will become, I've been thinking of it as The Dinner Party, or The Tea Party, or today Conversations Over the Supper Table. Episode 1 of

Russiagate Part 2: When it's Easier Than Helping Voters

I find it very hard to get angry at Russia, a country rationally pursuing its own interests in the world, for testing to see just how corrupt its main rival's political elites are and discovering that they are so corrupt that America barely qualifies as a sovereign power anymore — David Klion🌹🔥 (@DavidKlion) July 20, 2018 In Part 1 I made the point that the Mueller indictments were being conflated to essentially cloud the possibility that Hillary Clinton lost the election as legitimately as is possible in our broken electoral system. I also make the point that whether or not the hacking was representative of typical cyber-intrusions between nations the information released showed the actual Machiavellian efforts of the party to ensure that Hillary was the nominee. Although Nancy Pelosi and others have made a point of saying the Democrats are more focused on winning the mid-terms than on Russia that seems counter to what the majority of party figures are talking about. T