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Beware of Those Who Would Burn Down the House to Kill a Spider: The Danger of Starting at the Conclusion

The original name of my Substack was, "They Killed Brotherbeat." It was a reaction to the permanent suspension of my original Twitter account, followed soon after by my Medium account. In April, due to changes in the wake of Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter, now X, my permanent suspension was lifted. I expected to find myself embarrassed by some of my former assertions once the account was returned to me. My experience has been quite different. It is possible I will find embarrassment by drilling down deeper into my Twitter history. I had already rejected many of my leftist positions based on just so explanations of social conditions like police brutality, the need for reparations, and systemic racism. These were the most likely source of embarrassment. What I found instead was the beginning of wrestling with what has become my apathy over electoral politics.  I still feel uneasy that my advocacy for Bernie essentially led, through his concession, and unwillingness to addr