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Talking for the Little People

It is odd to hear the president speaking in the phrases of children. I found another example today, but thankfully it's an impersonator reading speeches prepared for the prez by elementary school students. Still, some things are so eerily close to things he's actually said, you'll have to listen twice.

More to Share

For some reason I have been sitting on the Rolling Stone cover article " Worst President Ever? " I finally read it. My favorite part was his description of the survey of 415 historians on Bush as failure or success. 19% deemed him successful, among those who called Bush a success, many gave the president high marks only for his ability to mobilize public support and get Congress to go along with what one historian called the administration's "pursuit of disastrous policies." In fact, roughly one in ten of those who called Bush a success was being facetious, rating him only as the best president since Bill Clinton -- a category in which Bush is the only contestant. While that's a marvelous gem, the true value of the article lies in its historical perspective, the chance to see a comparison between Bush and the historically acknowledged presidential failures. You know you're in trouble when Nixon and Hoover start to seem not quite completely horrible w

Worth More Than a Bump on the Head

It's oddly gratifying to come across an article from a traditional news source that shares a perspective with me on a subject. Especially if it's not currently a widespread assertion. I write mostly for the practice of writing. This format makes it somewhat easy when other formats are less conducive. So to have another writer advocating a position I take, it makes me feel almost legitimate or something. Almost. Check out this article from Mark Woford .

Head Start for Everyone Over 50

Is it just me or is Bush sounding increasingly like a preschooler? " I'm The Decider and I Decide What Is Best " He actually said that. Who talks like that? I'll tell you who, preschoolers. Seriously, how far is a statement like that from, "you're not the boss of me "? Which he said too, by the way. UPDATED. just the link.

Trying to Bother

I have started a number of postings in the last few weeks without publishing anything. I get through half my thoughts and eventually find myself asking, "why bother?" Admittedly, I have been somewhat melancholy lately, thinking a lot about events in my life and my mother's passing birthday. Still, the source of my ennui and dissatisfaction lies elsewhere. Simply, I'm sick of talking about politics. I'm tired of feeling like I'm basically saying the same thing over and over. Although I write on different subjects, when it comes down to this administration, all I ever have to say on the matter is that all that they do is illegal or morally reprehensible; they are either very stupid, or very evil, or both; and they are breaking our nation and don't seem to notice or care. Pick a subject and essentially I could write the same statements and acurrately describe their conduct, whether it's the military, health care, tax cuts, or national security