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The Public/Private Partnership and The Institutionalization of Child Abuse

"I have an idea. I really want it to work. Let's use children to experiment on them and go from there to see what happens." --Dr. Quentin VanMeter Dr. Quentin VanMeter is a pediatric endocrinologist. The quote above came from a 2018 talk he gave in Sydney, Australia on the history of "trans" medicine. Although he was talking about the experimental nature of "trans" medicine, the statement could apply to anything from education reform to the public health response to COVID. It was initially somewhat surprising how little the COVID advice for children matched the evidence. It eventually became a reminder that this is how it always is for our children. It's seldom about the evidence rather than the goals of the usually public/private initiative we use our children to support.  I have written previously about the way that adolescent "trans medicine" contradicts the evidence and have noticed parallels to the COVID response for some time. Mo