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Simple Political Equations in a Dynamic System

When you take a McCain who thinks he's still a POW Multiply times Old McCain/New McCain Divide by the phrase 'President Palin'  obviously the sum is

Perhaps Limbaugh Doesn't Get Irony

Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama for President and this is what Rush Limbaugh had to say about it: This is what conservative radio guy Mike Gallgher said: This is the reason Powell actually gave for his endorsement: By extension of their screwed up logic, the only reason McCain's supporters support him is because they are rich, white, or old (or to take it a step further, unconstitutionally capable of voting for a black man, i.e. racists). And therein lies the sad truth. For many of them the only reason they're supporting McCain is because he represents the interests of the rich, not because he has a plan, nor because they think his experience will save the country. At the same time his campaign is gorging the monsters of racism and ethnic fear to scrape together every fear and hate driven vote possible. They accuse Colin Powell of supporting Barack Obama because they're both black, because they actually are only supporting McCain because they're rich white guys