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The "Right" Never Named: The Problem with "Trans Rights"

The new secular religion of gender ideology relies on adherents accepting its cants without question. As part of the vast majority on whom it is imposed, I can't help but question. For example, when we are told that "trans people" are the most marginalized group in the world, what does that mean? When we are told that trans rights are human rights, what human right is denied people for choosing to identify as trans? What is the mechanism for losing a right when one self identifies as transgender? It might surprise you to know that the people declaring that "trans rights are under attack" won't name the rights they are in danger of losing. Like every declaration from the ideology, it needs to be understood for what is actually being said; the reality the declaration is meant to obscure. As a whole, the ideology is meant to obscure the fact that we have two immutable sexes, men cannot be women, and that disturbance with the body is a matter of resolving psycho