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How McCain Became President, I Mean Bush

The deeper danger of the concentration of media ownership comes in matters that much more deeply concern us than whether Murdoch gets on the local cable systems in New York: The matters of great national policy, matters of local policy. When they control all the sources of media within a community, this is a very dangerous situation. They can declare their own blackout of news they don't want the public to share. Or they can twist the news any way they please. And there's no monitor. There's nobody to say "don't". Nobody to say, "Hey, wait a minute, folks, you're not getting the truth." --Walter Cronkite My experience in Spain has been far easier than I expected (that's an understatement, it has actually been far easier than I probably deserved, I found the love of my life, friendship, music, and a great diet, all on the Mediterranean.) I expected to find myself being forced to speak for US imperialism, but mostly all I've gotte