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The End of Transition: Protecting Our Children From an Induced Mental Health Crisis

 Consider these mostly factual statements that were uncontroversial just a few years ago: Puberty is an important, if difficult, developmental stage for human development. There are two sexes. Men cannot change their sex. Only women can get pregnant. Men have a penis. Women have a vagina. Males don't belong in spaces and programs set aside for women. That these statements are now contested might lead one to believe that there has been something observed in a subset of humans which means these statements don't apply to them. This explains why they are so poorly contested, precisely because nothing has changed. Like all multi-cell species, humans still come in two sexes. The assertions of gender ideology are so absurd-- some women have a penis-- that it seems impossible for rational people to adopt them. Yet, they do. In part, it is imposed top down by brute force with threat to employment and parental rights . It also employs a powerful tool which does the cognitive work that al