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Spin Me Once, Shame on You

A few years ago I subscribed to a monthly record club, Vinyl Me, Please. It's a curated experience that includes their special monthly vinyl selection, a work of art, and a cocktail recipe meant to go with the selection. I gave myself a year subscription for Christmas. Years after leaving New York the feeling that new music was difficult to come by was continuing to grow. In NYC music just seemed to permeate the place. This was my hopeful attempt to bring music into my life that I was unlikely to find on my own. It worked for the most part. Lee Scratch Perry's Super Ape had been on my list for a while, and J Dilla's Donuts is one of those that I repeatedly believed I'd already purchased because I should have. The rest veered towards what I'll call indie rock, belonging to micro-genres I couldn't name. The only problem is that I've filed the records away and I can't remember the names of all the artists. The final record was Black Sabbath's Paranoid,

In the Interest of Moving Forward:

This is Not What I Intended to Write (UPDATED) Fewer people would have their lives ripped apart by storms like Harvey if austerity hadn't hollowed out the public sphere so thoroughly. — Kate Aronoff (@KateAronoff) August 27, 2017  This could serve as a fill-in-the-blank for so many tragedies both natural and man-made going back decades or going forward, whether one of our now frequent once in 500 year storms, western wildfires, or whatever next new scary way the earth teaches us about natural consequences. I wrote that and have been frozen in place for several days struggling to move forward.  Rather than start over I'll try to move through the struggle here.  My intent has been to write about the Democrats lasting commitment to neoliberalism and austerity and building a vision that leads to electoral success. I've been moving in this direction over the course of several posts. I'd planned on referring to an article by Bruce Bartlett , former Reagan o